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A few words from Honey...

My name is Honey. I'm a 11 year old, honey-coloured Cockapoo (an exotic mix of Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle). Look out for photographs of me throughout this website. I’m the glamorous one!

I have a very handsome brother called Hendrix. He is jet black (apart from his white beard). We were born at the same time and moved to live with our humans when we were 8 weeks old.

It’s just in our nature to have fun by rolling around in mud and swimming in any water we can find - the dirtier the better - much to our human’s disappointment. They prefer us clean and fluffy! 

Hendrix and I have visited many dog grooming parlours and have been dissatisfied with the overall experience and end result. Having spoken to our friends about their dog grooming experiences, it became clear that we all felt the same. 

We love to feel relaxed, safe and secure when we are groomed. We want to be pampered, spoilt and thoroughly loved. We also like to have some toys to play with.

So we sat down and told our humans exactly how we felt and persuaded them to open a dog grooming parlour of our very own.

They are now qualified City and Guilds dog groomers who take the best of care of us and our friends. So come along and try out some of our Perfect Pooch services.

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Our Services...

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Doggie Day Care...

Do you find your dog needs a few hours out of the house? We'd love to have him!

Do you find your dog needs a few hours out of the house? We'd love to have him!

We recognise that our caring dog owners look for daycare which is safe, loving, fun and flexible, we appreciate your need for peace of mind when leaving your dog for the day. He is a part of your family and we as dog owners know how special they are. 

  • Does your dog dislike being alone for long periods of time?
  • Does your dog like socialising with others dogs? 
  • Or maybe needs a bit of practice being with other dogs?

Perfect Pooch offer an affordable friendly safe solution. Our daycare service caters for dog owners who wish to drop their dog off and collect their dog from us between 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday / Saturday.

During their stay with us, we offer them the freedom to run from our daycare room to our garden through to our grooming area. We have learnt over the years that our dogs enjoy the simple things in life - company and cuddles. 

Our team enjoy getting to know each dog, how they like to play, how they interact with others. It's truly magical getting to know each dog's personality and watching them make new friends.

Our clients often comment that after a full day with us their dog is pooped !! 

We ask that your dog comes to us for a complimentary half day to establish how he fits in with the existing doggies and how he enjoys his day. If all is well we are happy to offer daycare to your dog. Unlike other daycare we do not require you to sign up for regular days, we appreciate people's commitments vary from day to day, however, we do ask for a day's notice to manage numbers. All our daycare doggies are friendly and like meeting new friends. 

We do offer a feeding service if you wish, providing an organic, natural menu to choose from. This can be arranged on the day or if your dog has a special dietary requirement we are happy for him to bring a packed lunch.

Perfect Pooch look forward to offering you a complimentary trial, please call more details and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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