Come And Train With Us ....... Grooming Assistant Course - £2200

Grooming Assistant Course: 10 Days - £2200.00

Please call the Perfect Pooch team to find out more.. 020 8977 3033
Perfect Pooch offer this superb 10 days course which runs from Monday to Friday 9:30 - 4pm. The Trainee Grooming Assistant course is ideal for perhaps a school leaver looking to break into the wonderful world of dog grooming or maybe a student who is looking for a new exciting career change, could be the course for you? The Grooming Assistant course will cover the following aspects:

  • Health & safety in the salon,

  • Hygiene,

  • Correct handling of dogs,

  • Basic first aid for dogs,

  • Maintenance of salon equipment,

  • Carrying out a health check,

  • Basic dog behaviour,

  • Ear hygiene,

  • Teeth hygiene,

  • Pawdicure (a complete pedicure for dogs, nails clipped, pads shaved),

  • Choosing the correct products to a given dog's needs,

  • Bathing and drying,

  • De-matting,

  • Brushing out/ Fluff drying,

  • Basic breed specific styling under supervision,

  • Exceptional customer service.